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TPI works with individuals and organisations from all societal sectors, and with partnerships at every level, to help them realise truly transformational collaborative impact.


TPI believes in a world where collaboration is the norm and all sectors combine their resources through partnership at unprecedented scale to deliver true sustainable development.


TPI has been a pioneer in the development of the theory and practice of multi-stakeholder collaboration since its foundation in 2003


We collectively face unprecedented global challenges. Only by working in partnership can we create innovative, transformative and sustainable solutions needed for people and planet to prosper.

The Power of Partnership

TPI passionately believes in the power of collaboration across societal sectors to leverage complementary resources and unleash the innovation and transformational change necessary to address the global challenges we face, so that people and planet can prosper.

TPI is working to realise a new era of collaboration in which business, governments, NGOs, academia, foundations and international organisations systematically understand their alignment of interest, and successfully combine their resources through partnership at unprecedented scale, to maximise collective value and deliver prosperous economies, thriving societies and a healthy environment.

To realise this vision, TPI supports individuals, organisations from all sectors of society, and partnerships at every level, to realise their potential for transformational collaboration. And to achieve scale of impact, TPI aims to help build a global partnering eco-system that can drive widespread, effective multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral partnership for a sustainable future.


Our work

Professional capacity development and support

With 20 years of experience, we provide the capacity development and support services to help you, your organisation and your partnerships to professionalise your partnering practice.

Fostering professional partnering excellence through open and bespoke trainings, coaching and communities of practice.
Supporting organisations to become Fit for Partnering and realise maximum strategic value through partnerships.
Facilitating and optimising partnerships to deliver maximum value and impact for all.

Thought leadership and cutting-edge programmes

Collaborative, action research programmes, developing the latest thought leadership, theory and practice in specific issues to help shift sector practice.

Influencing and building a global partnering infrastructure

Major initiatives to build individual, organisational and partnership good practice globally at scale

A UN-TPI initiative supporting national-level, multi-stakeholder collaboration for the SDGs
Supporting in-country mechanisms to engage stakeholders across sectors, and catalyse partnerships for the SDGs
High level policy inputs on multi-stakeholder partnerships and engaging business as a development partner,


Impact and potential for partnering in education  

The ‘School Partnerships for Impact’ report commissioned by School Partnerships Alliance  (S.P.A.) examines effective partnering in the sector and creates a common framework for further adoption and development of best practice in collaboration. 

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Investing to accelerate partnerships for the SDGs and beyond 

Along with UNDESA, Partnerships 2030, and the Global Forum for SDG Advisory Bodies, TPI is delighted to be a partner behind a 2023 campaign to highlight the need to invest in a strong enabling environment for partnerships that can deliver the SDGs and climate goals. 

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Partnership training

TPI’s Effective Partnering for Sustainable Development course is suited both to new partnership practitioners and those with some experience who wish to complement and formalise their learning.

Next courses: 12th to 16th June, 2023, and 25th to 29th September, 2023.


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Knowledge centre

Supporting your partnering journey with our expanding knowledge centre, we bring you the latest partnering theory and guidance in the form of our cutting edge tools, frameworks, case studies and research.

We regularly renew and add to our material, capturing insights and experiences from all our programmes.


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